Sexual Abuse in NKVD 2011
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RussianSubmission.11.11.10.Sexual.Abuse.In.NKVD.Ep.2.XXX.MP4-webfetish.mp4 1.39 GB
RussianSubmission.11.11.10.Sexual.Abuse.In.NKVD.Ep.2.XXX.MP4-webfetish.mp4 1.39 GB
RussianSubmission.11.10.15.Sexual.Abuse.In.NKVD.Ep.1.XXX.MP4-webfetish.mp4 1.15 GB
Winick & La Fond (eds.) - Protecting Society from Sexually Dangerous Offenders; Law, Justice, and Therapy (2003).pdf 20.43 MB
Doyle - Sex, Priests, and Secret Codes; The Catholic Church's 2000-year Paper Trail of Sexual Abuse (2006).pdf 17.86 MB
Sexual Assault Prevention and Response in the Armed Forces (2005).pdf 13.75 MB
Preventing Child Sexual Abuse; A National Resource Directory and Handbook (2000).pdf 11.11 MB
Stevens - Inside the Minds of Sexual Offenders; Predatory Rapists, Pedophiles, and Criminal Profiles (2001).pdf 10.22 MB
Burg - Sodomy and the Pirate Tradition; English Sea Rovers in the 17th-Century Caribbean (1995).pdf 85.64 MB
Haliczer - Sexuality in the Confessional; a Sacrament Profaned (1996).pdf 21.64 MB
Wall - The Callisto Myth from Ovid to Atwood; Initiation and Rape in Literature (1988).pdf 13.60 MB
Bewley - ABC of Domestic Sexual Violence (2014).epub 9.99 MB
Wolf - The Nuns of Sant'Ambrogio; the True Story of a Convent Scandal (2013).pdf 6.35 MB
Clancy - The Trauma Myth; the Truth about the Sexual Abuse of Children - and Its Aftermath (2009).pdf 36.32 MB
Brownmiller - Against Our Will; Men, Women and Rape (1975).pdf 33.45 MB
Moushey & Dvorchak - Game Over; Jerry Sandusky, Penn State, and the Culture of Silence (2012).epub 19.07 MB
Allegations of Sexual Assault at the U.S. Air Force Academy; Hearings before the Committee on Armed Services (2003).djvu 14.84 MB
Saleh - Sex Offenders; Identification, Risk Assessment, Treatment, and Legal Issue (2009).pdf 5.20 MB
Lea - A History of Auricular Confession and Indulgences in the Latin Church, Vol. III (1896).pdf 67.90 MB
Lea - A History of Auricular Confession and Indulgences in the Latin Church, Vol. I (1896).pdf 57.81 MB
Lea - A History of Auricular Confession and Indulgences in the Latin Church, Vol. II (1896).pdf 54.32 MB
McCallen & Carr - The Devil in Robes or the Sin of Priests (1900).pdf 36.13 MB
Lasteyrie - The History of Auricular Confession, Vol. I (1848).pdf 28.85 MB
Report into the Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin, Ireland (The Murphy Report)/Murphy Report - Part 2.pdf 2.05 MB
Report into the Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin, Ireland (The Murphy Report)/Murphy Report - Part 1.pdf 1.07 MB
Report of Commission to Inquiry of Child Abuse (CICA), Ireland (The Ryan Report)/CICA-VOL1-07-St Joseph’s Industrial School, Artane.pdf 5.68 MB
Report of Commission to Inquiry of Child Abuse (CICA), Ireland (The Ryan Report)/CICA-VOL1-10-Carriglea Park Industrial School, Dun, Laoghaire.pdf 4.67 MB
Report of Commission to Inquiry of Child Abuse (CICA), Ireland (The Ryan Report)/CICA-VOL1-15-St Conleth’s Reformatory School, Daingean, County Offaly.pdf 4.45 MB
Podles - Sacrilege; Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church (2008).pdf 31.32 MB
Kincaid - Erotic Innocence; the Culture of Child Molesting (1998).pdf 19.26 MB
Plante - Bless Me Father for I Have Sinned; Perspectives on Sexual Abuse Committed by Roman Catholic Priests (1999).pdf 11.45 MB
Jejeebhoy et al (Eds.) - Sex without Consent; Young People in Developing Countries (2005).pdf 7.39 MB
Green & Roberts - Helping Victims of Violent Crime; Assessment, Treatment, and Evidence-Based Practice (2008).pdf 4.16 MB
Harrington - Politicization of Sexual Violence; from Abolitionism to Peacekeeping (2010).pdf 60.29 MB
Heger (eds.) - Evaluation of the Sexually Abused Child, 2nd ed. (2000).pdf 23.31 MB
Creating a Safe Place; Helping Children and Families Recover from Child Sexual Abuse (NCH, 2001).pdf 21.83 MB
Mills - The Heart of Intimate Abuse; New Interventions in Child Welfare, Criminal Justice, and Health Settings (1998).pdf 15.42 MB
Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation; Hearings before the Subcommittee to Investigate Juvenile Delinquency (1978).pdf 13.28 MB
14- Gage - Woman, Church and State (1893).pdf 40.97 MB
12- Richardson - The Ubreakable Child (2007).pdf 12.33 MB
10- DeCamp - The Franklin Cover-up (1996).pdf 8.42 MB
9- Jessop & Brown - Church of Lies (2009).pdf 3.14 MB
11- McCall - When the Piano Stops (2009).pdf 2.51 MB
Seto - Pedophilia and Sexual Offending Against Children; Theory, Assessment, and Intervention (2008).pdf 18.70 MB
Ruggiero - The Boundaries of Eros; Sex Crime and Sexuality in Renaissance Venice (1985).pdf 14.82 MB
Kaplan et al - Medical Response to Child Sexual Abuse (2011).pdf 14.79 MB
Katz - The Macho Paradox; Why Some Men Hurt Women and How All Men Can Help (2006).pdf 4.81 MB
Thornton & Laws (Eds.) - Cognitive Approaches to the Assessment of Sexual Interest in Sexual Offenders (2009).pdf 4.44 MB
Schwartz - Dialogues with Forgotten Voices; Relational Perspectives on Child Abuse Trauma and Treatment (2000).pdf 87.85 MB
Wright (Ed.) - Sex Offenders Laws; Failed Policies, New Directions (2009).epub 7.45 MB
Kalfoglu & Faikoglu (Eds.) - Sexual Abuse - Breaking the Silence (2012).pdf 6.82 MB
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5- Ottens & Hotelling - Sexual Violence on Campus; Policies, Programs, and Perspectives (2001).pdf 33.56 MB
27- Benbow - Crimes of the Clergy (1823).djvu 23.63 MB
3- Harris - Rape, Incest, Battery; Women Writing Out the Pain (2000).pdf 19.48 MB
26- Wright - Secrets of the Convent and the Confessional (1873).pdf 16.46 MB
7- Jackson - Child Sexual Abuse in Victorian England (2000).pdf 16.14 MB
Bergen (Ed.) - Issues in Intimate Violence (1998).pdf 25.97 MB
Berry - Lead Us Not into Temptation; Catholic Priests and the Sexual Abuse of Children (2000).pdf 24.33 MB
O'Gorman - Trials and Persecutions of Miss Edith O'Gorman, Otherwise Sister Teresa De Chantal, of St. Joseph's Convent (1871).pdf 16.91 MB
Mrazek & Kempe (Eds.) - Sexually Abused Children and Their Families (1987).pdf 16.66 MB
Rufo - Sexual Predators Amongst Us (2012).pdf 15.14 MB
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